Prayer – New Test Page

Jesus taught that prayer isn’t about wishful thinking or magical phrases repeated over and over. Rather, it is a conversation with someone who knows you personally and cares about you. Your heavenly Father is someone you can trust with your thoughts and feelings, needs and worries. So how do we pray to Him? Jesus gave us an example of how we can talk to God:

  • We can call on God as our Father. 
  • We can praise Him for what He has done in our lives and for who He is. 
  • We come to Him to seek His guidance, with a heart that desires to do His will. 
  • We can depend on him as a child depends on a parent, asking for our daily needs to be met. 
  • Christians can ask God to forgive them for any wrongs they have done, and He will remove their guilt. God will also help them offer forgiveness to people who have wronged them. 
  • We can ask for help overcoming temptation, and He will help us gain victory over our sins and bad habits.
  • We acknowledge that God has the ultimate authority and power over all things physical and spiritual, and we give all glory to Him and no other.

If you want to talk to your Father in Heaven but don’t know the right words to say, let Jesus’ words be a model for you. If you would like to know how to begin your relationship with God, we can help – just send us a message!

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.  -James 1:17